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VAC je jedným z najdôležitejších celosvetových výrobcov v oblasti ušľachtilých magnetických materiálov a výrobkov z nich. 

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VAC receives award for innovative and sustainable energy concepts

Up to 40% energy savings and complete avoidance of all climate-damaging greenhouse gases are a further contribution of VAC to fight climate change. We are proud to have been awarded the Hessian State Prize for Energy for our innovation CALORIVAC®.


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VAC is awarded as Hessen Champion for VITROPERM alloys

VAC has always been a true hidden champion. Now we have been named 'Hesse Champion' for our most versatile and at the same time most complex alloy class.

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Evolution of magnetic materials to support today’s electronic requirements

More electrification and advances in technology has its challenges. 
Electromagnetic interference often occurs because of the relationship between electricity and magnetism. Learn how we manage this.


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