VAC – Advanced Magnetic Solutions

VAC je jedným z najdôležitejších celosvetových výrobcov v oblasti ušľachtilých magnetických materiálov a výrobkov z nich. 

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Novinky & Udalosti

From Hanau to the stages of the world

Often, VAC's products cannot be seen when applied. But one very special product made it to the biggest stages and improves significantly sound and playing feel for numerous celebrities.

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Highly efficient materials for electric drives

Together with partners from industry, research institutes and universities, VAC has succeeded in achieving groundbreaking results in electric drive systems.

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Electric & Hybrid Aerospance Technology Symposium, Frankfurt
May 31 - June 1, 2022
Booth 635

PCIM, Nuremberg
May 10 -12, 2022
Hall 7 - Booth 121